Freaky Fashion Finds Friday

Freaky Fashion Finds Friday


Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.08.51 PM

FP One Louisa Mini Dress – $168.00

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. I would buy it right now if I could afford it. But there’s one major problem– why is the model dead? Did she die of a broken heart? Perhaps she was stung by a jellyfish? She is at the beach. I mean, she could have met her demise in any number of ways! Maybe it was the horse’s fault, but I seriously doubt it. He looks like a very chill horse.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!



General · Recovery

I’m Finally Walking!

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a magical week so far. As for me, I went to the doctor on Monday and am no longer crutch-bound! Walking is still not easy as my foot feels like a plank of wood. It’s not very mobile, so I’m unable to roll through my foot as one does when one takes a step. But I’m getting better every day. I’m also getting faster! On Monday, I walked at a snail’s pace and yesterday I was probably walking as fast as your average grandma walks. I won’t be running marathons anytime soon, but I am starting physical therapy next week, which is exciting!

What else is new?

I’ve been hanging out with Snaxboat, as usual.

I love this cat. I just LOVE him! He is cuddling with me right now. He is best cat companion a girl could ask for.

IMG_9032 (1).JPG

I’ve been brainstorming ways to be fierce and win at life. I will let you know when I figure that out.

Life is hard. I don’t know what I’m doing! But I will soon….working on it….


I’ve been sampling products.

I’ve signed up for this cool site called Crowdtap where you are given the opportunity to answer quick polls, view media and sample products in exchange for Amazon gift cards. It’s pretty fun and easy. I just received my samples for the Revlon Photoready collection!

The package came with a primer in addition to as a blush and highlight duo. I never use primer, but it felt smooth and silky on my face, so I liked it. The blush was a little strange as it’s in a stick form, but the color was a nice peachy-rose, which worked well with my fair skin. The blush seemed almost sheer and I had to really smash it on my face for it to read visibly. I liked the highlight stick because it made me feel like a sparkly fairy. All in all, these are good products and I will continue to use them because I have them. Thanks, Crowdtap!


I ate really delicious chicken.

If you live in Brooklyn and like food, you must venture to Hey Hey Canteen. With the mission to “elevate the Asian comfort food experience”, Hey Hey Canteen does not disappoint. They have wonderful salad, noodle and rice dishes as well as a Hong Kong fried chicken sandwich and a tamari honey roast chicken.

We ordered the tamari honey roast chicken. In addition to the succulent chicken, the dish includes sweet potato fries, scallion-ginger chimichurri, and white rice (or their house salad). The chicken is so juicy, the chimichurri is refreshing and flavorful and the sweet potato fries are addictingly good.

This place also has really amazing cocktails featuring such ingredients as hibiscus and turmeric.

Go to this place!! You will not be disappointed.

Tamari honey roast chicken with sweet potato fries, scallion-ginger chimichurri, white rice and house salad

Hope you all have a great rest of your Wednesday!



5 Reasons Why I Am Looking Forward to Summer

The last few days have been beautiful and sunny here in New York. On Sunday, it was a whopping 80 degrees! While this is unusual weather for this time of year, I fully enjoyed this glimpse into summer. It has cooled off since then, which is somewhat reassuring. However, this summer weather in April definitely indicates that the end of the world is upon us. On a more positive note, here are 5 reasons why I am looking forward to summer!

Hikes with Mom and pups
There is nothing more wonderful than taking a stroll through the woods with my mom and the dogs. This is where I see the dogs at their happiest (and craziest). The little guys turn into wild beasts and bound energetically through the trees, stopping only to relieve themselves, which they do quite frequently. There are a number of hiking trails by my parents, so the pups never grow bored. By the time we return home, the dogs are so exhausted that they turn into little mush balls for the rest of the night.

Charlie and Rufus on a hike


I will be able to walk regularly 

This is the big one. I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday which will determine my weigh-bearing status. I am currently at partial-weight-bearing, which means I can put 20 to 30 lbs of weight on my injured ankle. I’ve been on crutches for 6 weeks now and I am going a little crazy. By the summer, I’m hoping I will be walking regularly again. I am so excited for that day. SO excited.

Summer clothes

I love being able to slip on a dress or a romper, some sandals and be on my way. It just feels good not to put on 15 layers of clothing every time I leave my apartment.

Free concerts and events

One of the best parts about living in New York City is the free events! Every summer, there is a plethora of free concerts, movie screenings, and other events to attend at no cost. Many of these events take place outdoors in parks. I am really looking forward to this because I am broke. I also love both events and parks. I mean, who doesn’t? I live a brisk 15-minute walk to Prospect Park, so I am definitely going to be there frequently.


It might surprise some of you that I am excited about the beach due to my vampiric appearance, but you have no idea. I CANNOT WAIT! I am going to become tan this summer. And by tan, I mean slightly less white. I haven’t been a huge beach-goer throughout my life because my parents mostly took our family on outdoorsy vacations consisting of hiking and kayaking. I loved those trips, but we never really spent that much time at the ocean. I’m very much looking forward to relaxing on the beach this year.


Montauk, NY


Why are you looking forward to summer this year? Comment below!



I’ve Been Movin’ and Groovin’!

Hi, Friends!

Hope you have all been well. I apologize for my little hiatus. I have been busy getting out and about. I almost feel like a real person again. It is nice.

On Saturday, David and I had delicious Ethiopian food from Ghenet in Park Slope. Service here was fantastic, the food was delicious albeit slightly spicy, and the experience was lovely. Though it wasn’t quite warm enough to sit outside, we had the privilege of sitting in their covered backspace. They converted their backyard into something akin to a glass greenhouse, so you feel like you are sitting outside.

We ordered a combination platter for two people, which came with two meat dishes and four vegetarian dishes. Everything was amazing, but our favorite dishes were definitely the beef (Siga Wett) and the cabbage, potato and carrot dish (Atkilt Wett). The lentil dish (Misir Wett) was also to die for.

The food was a bit pricey for Ethiopian, but it was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this place! By 6:00, the restaurant was totally packed. You can tell it’s a real neighborhood favorite.

David enjoying his meal at Ghenet!
Top left: Atkilt Wett; Top right: Misir Wett; Middle left: Doro Wett; Middle right: Siga Wett; Bottom left: Engoudaye Wett; Bottom right: Fasolia

On Sunday, we lived it up by going to Toby’s Public House in South Slope. We shared a filet mignon carpaccio salad and smoked pancetta pizza. Both were fantastic. We sat outside in the sunshine and relaxed while I dog-watched. I probably saw upwards of 50 doggies. Best day ever!

Relaxing in the sunshine at Toby’s!

Monday night, we went to David’s godmother’s seder. We had an abbreviated service, drank lots of wine, ate lots of delicious food and laughed a lot.

Tuesday, my mom came to pick me up! We had Nepalese food at Himalaya in Yorktown and then saw Beauty and the Beast. Almost everyone in the theater was a mother-daughter pair. I think there was maybe one dad there. I smiled throughout the entire movie. It was great 🙂

After spending some quality time with my family and dogs in Westchester, I am now back in Brooklyn!